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Wednesday, August 20, 2008 


Dour prime minister's team respond to a jokey petition with a jokey video that likely took all of 10 minutes to put together and cost precisely nothing. Dour bloggers and Tories respond by being more dour than the dourest man on Earth. World continues to turn while Dizzy's face goes a familiar shade of red.

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I believe the statement from no. 10 said something to the effect of how someone took 30 mins of his spare time to make the vid.

Apparently those in number 10 aren't allowed breaks, or a sense of humour.

Downing Street were never going to win anyway.
If they hadn't responded people woulda whined that 50,000 petition signers were ignored.
If they had responded seriously with anything other than "yes, Clarkson can be PM as of tomorrow" then people woulda moaned about it.
So they respond with a bit of a silly joke and ... whine whine whine.

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