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Monday, August 18, 2008 

Collector's item.

A positive Daily Mail front page:

And there I was thinking the country was going to the dogs, overflowing with immigrants, criminals and paedophiles...

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Well, with so many blonde women and absolutely no black or middle eastern looking Brits winning I guess it's safe to celebrate, eh? Best to get in now before any potential gold medal hopes such as the Women's 200 meters Hurdles actually takes place...just to be safe...

overflowing with immigrants, criminals and paedophiles

And that's just page 2, ho ho.

A lot of commentors on the mail board are still miserable as ever.

"It hasn't been great to be British for a long time" etc., they must be such fun at parties.

Your cynicism is off the scale Mr Griffin. Do you really think the Mail would exclude non-white faces from its news coverage?


What if the Mail have got a similar page planned tomorrow: nice white sailor, nice white cyclists... but there's a problem.

What if Christine Ohuruogu wins gold?

As some wag in the Independent letters page had it - it just proves that standards are slipping and the olympics are getting easier.

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