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Sunday, August 17, 2008 

Weekend links.

A bad weekend for the Sun newspaper, covered by both myself and Sim-O over on the Sun Lies blog. For those yet to visit, more or less all the contributors have now posted and I think many will be impressed by both the breadth of coverage to come and the talent of the editors which Tim has brought together. I know I was, and I was privy to the set-up. Eric the Fish also comments on Carlsberg pulling out of the Sun deal.


Lenin on the costs of NATO expansionism.

Jamie on Hizbullah and Russia-Georgia.

Lots of excellent comment on the above on OpenDemocracy Russia.

A Labour MP actually calling for the super rich to be taxed more? Get ready for the brick-bats, Ivan Lewis.

The truth emerges over the "battle of Jugroom Fort", which while not quite on the scale as the US lies about Pat Tillman, still suggests that we should always be cynical about stories of battlefield derring-do.

Juan Cole links to an Al-Jazeera report on the claims and counter-claims of atrocities in Georgia/South Ossetia.

The "decents", having been mostly quiet over Georgia-Russia up till now, break cover via Alan Johnson, who unsurprisingly blames Russia. Also worth noting has been the Henry Jackson Society's response.

Finally, Sarah Churchwell reviews Snuff by Palahniuk, and is far more damning than I was.

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You don't ever really need to read 'Decent' analysis. Just take a copy of a Times editorial, sugar it with liberal humanitarian phraseology, and hey presto.

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