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Wednesday, August 20, 2008 

Scum-watch: What a difference a year makes part two.

Having wished that Jade Goody, described as ghastly and a vile pig-ignorant racist bully that will "hopefully now slither back under the rock from where she crawled", the Sun devotes not one, but two, three, four, five, six articles on her in today's paper, having helpfully been diagnosed as suffering from cancer during the silly season.

The paper's leader takes a remarkably different tone:

JADE Goody has upset some people in her meteoric career as a Big Brother celeb.

None less than a newspaper which decreed that the plebiscite for Jade to be kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house was the most important vote since the general election. There's nothing quite like a sense of perspective, is there?

But both critics and fans will wish her well as she arrives home from India to battle the Big C.

First to offer support was co-star Shilpa Shetty who put their “racism” clash aside and offered prayers for Jade’s recovery.

Ah, so the vile pig-ignorant racist is now so rehabilitated that the spat between Shetty and Goody can be described as "racism". Poppadom, anyone?

As The Sun has revealed, Jade’s first fear is not for herself but for her children.

The ex-dental nurse has spent her life beating the odds.

We believe her family will lend her the strength to win this struggle, too.

Indeed, she's succeeded in getting the Sun newspaper to change its mind, which is a very rare event. Isn't it incredible what cancer can do for you?

Elsewhere, we've discussed previously the incredibly strange fact that the Sun tends to big-up MySpace while it prints stories about Facebook which tend to be less positive, and today is no exception. The Sun Online editor has decided that this rather dull story about someone tracing his family through MurdochSpace is worthy of a position only slightly below the main stories. Considering it's not even written by a Sun hack, rather a "Staff Reporter", it's all a rather rum do.

And finally, the award for stinking hypocrisy goes too...

WELL-MEANING parents are wasting good money on so-called multi-vitamins.

It turns out they are little more than sweets with tiny levels of nutrients — and the only healthy thing is the manufacturers’ profits.

They should be thoroughly ashamed of playing on parents’ fears.

The Sun would of course never play on parents' fears:

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It's a bit off topic, so I do apologise - but one thing that really , really irritates me about the tabloids id the replacement of the word 'horrific' with the word 'horror'.

'Horror plane crash'? What's a bloody horror plane?

Why do you waste so much of your intellectual energy on attacking the Sun? Everyone knows it's a disgusting, hypocritical, bullying, sleaze-ridden IQ reducer not worth the cost of the lavatory paper it's printed on. Get over it.

heresiarch: I do at times agree with your view that it's a waste of time. The last few posts have not been entirely serious, mainly because it's the silly season. I do however think that it's important to expose its hypocrisies, especially when it at times resembles little more than a political propaganda sheet. Regardless of how a significant amount of the population regard it, it's still the biggest selling newspaper in the country, and that gives it power which needs to opposed. Both those who read it and who don't are sometimes ignorant of exactly how it behaves, and I'd like to think these posts offer examples to those who would otherwise not be aware.

Incidentally, I made some of these same points in my opening post on the Sun Lies blog: here.

I do of course realise that it's an easy target, but it's also one that still needs to be hit every so often.

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