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Tuesday, June 06, 2006 

Give them what they want.

Instead of pontificating myself on the lack of an independent inquiry into the bombings of the 7th of July, I'll leave it to those who survived them. Rachel North is eloquent as ever, and Holly Finch also calls for one.

What I will say is that the arguments by John Reid, namely in pointing to the example of the botched Saville inquiry into Bloody Sunday, and also that it will divert resources from current anti-terrorism actions, is that the first is nothing more than a pathetic excuse and mistake of the government's own making, in allowing a cocked-up investigation to continue for so long, while the second looks stupid when 250 police officers are apparently required to terrorise a neighbourhood and find nothing on a solitary tip-off that looks to be badly incorrect. What is wrong is the way that the petition and so much of the debate surrounding the attacks has been taken over by the conspiracy theorists, who apparently would rather believe their own ridiculous theories than the people who survived. That said, it doesn't help when the loathsome Peter Power, who was supposedly running an "exercise" on the day, pops up on the news commenting on the terrorism raid and report by the London assembly. His attempts to profit out of the misery of others are deeply upsetting.

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