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Saturday, June 03, 2006 


Following the start of yesterday's Sun campaign to end politically correct persecution of St. George flag flyers, its rivals have inevitably seen a gap in the market.
The Mirror then offers a complete England car kit, normally costing £32 for free. Those jittery horses had better watch out.
The Sun, apart from getting excited over someone with a one syllable name kicking a football, has a free St. George poster, which has "FLY THE FLAG WITH PRIDE" emblazoned across the middle red stripe. Why the Sun is so attached to what one letter writer to the Grauniad today calls "the much hated papal banner of the Norman/French occupation" is probably a question not worth asking. Where a Palestinian mythical dragon slayer born in Asia Minor comes into it is anyone's guess.
Richard "Dirty" Desmond, proprietor of the Daily Star and Diana Express, has decided to put his hand in his pocket (bulging with the £52 million he took home last year) and give away yet another £50,000 camper van, which you can use to go and visit the tunnel where the people's princess sadly came to her tragic end. Alternatively you could just leave it on your drive or outside your house and hang your free "official Daily Star" wall chart inside it. Remember, it's three times the size of that page! Sadly they don't compare it in size to Rebecca Loos' surgically enhanced breasts, whom is today's lady in her underwear on the front page. Surely a missed opportunity?

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