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Monday, June 05, 2006 

Sun-watch: Family newspaper? Revolting?

The knives have been out for Heather Mills ever since (and probably before) her marriage to Paul McCartney. The Sun, that paragon of values and British fair play, has managed to find a dirty book which supposedly features Mills performing hardcore sex acts.

LADY Heather McCartney posed in depraved pornographic clinches which are bound to sicken her estranged husband Sir Paul and his army of fans.

The ex-model was snapped in a string of lurid scenes for a hard core German book.

Many of the images are too explicit to print in a family newspaper.

No doubt they are. Not that that stops the Sun from printing a gorgeous pouting lovely without a top on every single day on its third page. You see, that's not depraved or explicit; that's just a bit of fun. Mills no doubt did the pictures for the money, which the Sun certainly can't be accused of doing. Over on its page3.com site, you can err, get today's picture by texting their service which charges you for the privilege. Further down the site you can vote for your favourite page 3 "fresher"; essentially a readers' wives section where you can give one of the lovely ladies a chance to have a professional shoot, which wouldn't be anything like the one which Mills took part in.

In other scenes, Heather and the man appear to have sex and perform sex acts while watching themselves in a mirror. And in yet more, Heather ends up naked during a game of strip poker.

By a bizarre coincidence, page3.com now has.... a casino!
The sexiest casino in the world is cheering on Becks & Co in the World Cup with its own special offer. You can play all your favourite casino games for fun or for real whilst cheering England to glory!

Now 38 and mum to Sir Paul’s two-year-old Beatrice, she stopped at very little when she took part in the revolting snaps for Die Freuden Der Liebe — The Joys Of Love.

Yes, if there's one thing that Rebekah Wade doesn't like, it's her newspaper being revolting. After all, her name sake, Rebekah Parmar Teasdale, was fired for taking part in racier shoots, only to be brought back on the day Wade ascended to the editor's chair so that the page 3 girl could be called "Rebekah" and pour scorn on whispers that Wade might ditch page 3. Not being revolting of course didn't extend to the almost pornographic way it described the apparent death of murdered teenager Rochelle Holness, only to find that their source had it completely wrong. The family of Rochelle called the Sun's behaviour "as inhumane as John McGrady's", the girl's killer. It also didn't extend to the Sun's tale of how two of their page 3 girls fell in "love", but I suppose that is neither here nor there.

The filthy volume features 112 pages filled with pictures — and contains NO accompanying words.

Yes, clearly a poor editing decision. Unlike that of Rebekah Wade, who decided to equip each of her lovelies with lines of pure political propaganda, aka the News in Briefs which accompany the girls on Page 3.

Oh, and did I mention that the Sun, despite saying that most of the pictures are too explicit to print in a "family" newspaper, does provide 7 of them for your own one-handed delights on their website, 3 of which clearly show Mills' breasts. On each picture, tastefully adding words to the proceedings, is the legend "OUR LAWYERS ARE WATCHING". Not just your lawyers, I'm afraid.

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