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Tuesday, November 08, 2005 

Sun-watch: Printing misinformation alongside the topless women.

Today's Sun front page focuses on the battle over the 90-day detention for terrorist suspects. Featuring an emotive picture of a man horrifically burned following the July 7th attacks, it urges readers to phone their hotline to register their support and inside it also tells readers to email their MP to demand they vote for 90 days and the glorification clause. A fairly typical Sun campaign, it's true. Too bad they then print bullshit of the highest order in their actual article. Firstly:

Mr Blair put on the “performance of his life” as he urged every Labour MP and peer to back him.

This would be the 50th or so performance of his life, following the ones he made in the run up to the war in Iraq, which the Sun backed ferociously. It printed pictures of Robin Cook and Clare Short, called them traitors and urged readers to throw darts at them. It doorstepped George Galloway and smeared him repeatedly.

Then at the bottom of the piece comes this gem:

A POLL by 24 Labour MPs revealed support among constituents for the new powers was up to 100 per cent.

Rrrright. Supposing that Labour MPs had even bothered to conduct a poll, seeing that they've been at Westminster, I somehow find it doubtful that the poll involved numbers high enough to make it representative. Also, the Sun's sister paper, which actually took the time to conduct a proper poll and not make one up, showed that only 64% backed up to 90 days detention.

Then again, why am I even bothering with a so-called newspaper that on its website on the sidebar from the article has links leading to a picture of 3 "beach beauties" one of whom has only her hair covering her breasts? Further down you can click on the Page 3 link, which promises Katie, 22, from Liverpool. 2 clicks and you can see her topless, along with many other one-handed delights. Or of course, you could click on Bizarre and find out about all the celebrity goings-on, like Joe, who now has heart problems as well as brain problems. Who Joe is anyone's guess.

The Sun also doesn't list a number you can ring to register your opposition to the equivalent of a six-month prison sentence for those just accused of "acts of terrorism". I can however link you to a website where you can register your opposition to your MP, like the Sun demands you to do. Write to Them is here.

edit hurr link fixed

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