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Friday, November 04, 2005 

Ginger ninja strikes back!

As I hoped, both the Mirror and *shock* the Times had some incredibly amusing reports on Rebekah Wade giving her husband a good slap.

With a rather more sober account, and one which seems to differ from all the others, the Sun relegated its own house story to the 5th page.

(Sorry about the crappy quality photos, I took them quickly in a WHSmiths.)

The story seems to claim that Kemp was surprised by the police, while the others differ on whether it was him or a neighbour who rang them. Police would have interviewed her, despite the claims that they did not, as they would have wanted to hear all sides of the story regardless. The cut to his lip which had been sustained during filming - what filming was this? He's currently not shooting EastEnders. It seems rather strange no one who saw them during the evening beforehand has mentioned that he had a cut lip. Also rather intriguing is that she is referred to throughout as "Ms" Wade. If she's married surely she should be Mrs? The ginger ninja has rather a lot of explaining to do.

Also being talked about are various conspiracy theories that Max Clifford was involved in getting the other Mitchell brother assaulted by his ex, part of an attempt to push the highly embarrassing Wade story down the news agenda. Indeed, it was the story which the Sun led on, with just a small banner at the foot of the front page mentioning that Wade decked her husband.

Wade has been a pretty piss-poor Sun editor. Circulation is down (although to be fair it is on all the red-top tabloids), she's been out-scooped by the News of the Screws and Mirror, and has if anything made the paper backwards rather than forwards looking. She no longer gives any press briefings or statements in person about the paper because she cocked it up so badly at a select committee hearing when she admitted that the paper had paid police officers for information - something which mightily enraged Mr Murdoch. Let's crack one open for the downfall of an unpleasant hypocritical woman.

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