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Monday, November 07, 2005 

Moss dross returns.

Once you think it's safe to gaze at the front pages of the tabloids again, Kate Moss comes back and rips your face off. The Mirror, not content with melting our eyeballs with a picture of Kate Moss in some hideous lingerie on the front page in the Sunday edition, today prints a topless photo of her on the front page. Well, not topless but with her breasts covered by the "massager's" arms.

If you want to see her breasts, then the Mirror delivers by printing the more revealing photos on their third page. How nice of them.

In other Mirror news, the Sunday Mirror almost completely stole the Guardian's weekend interview with Christopher Meyer, former American ambassador, and printed it under an "EXCLUSIVE" banner. Exclusive to those who hadn't read it the day before, obviously. Fleet Street isn't called the Street of Shame for nothing.

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