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Saturday, July 18, 2009 

Weekend links.

I think I'll put the almost complete lack of blogging this weekend down to the fact that the schools have broken up. Yes, that must be it. Relatively few links from them then, so we start with Paul Linford's column, asking whether Afghanistan could be this Gordon's Khartoum, or something like that. Flying Rodent notes the horror which was Trisha on Question Time, Dave Osler says troops out now, Paulie wonders what left-wing blogging can achieve, Hopi Sen is optimistic about Macmillianite radicalism, Neil Robertson uses a Smiths song to headline a piece on Obama and gay rights, Tom Freeman is not keen on the Archbishop of Westminster, John B is helpful on how to rebuild your credit rating and Tabloid Watch, lastly, is fighting the good fight with the Mail on racism in two fine posts.

In the papers, Matthew Parris, despite being highly critical of the war in Afghanistan, can't bring himself to say that we should get out now, Peter Oborne wonders whether David Cameron can stand in the way of Blair becoming European President (I get the feeling that it won't be highly enough paid for Blair), Marina Hyde shares her always delightful penchant for nihilism, Andrew Grice doesn't think that Brown can do a Major, Deborah Orr lays into the ridiculous child vetting scheme (which strangely the tabloids who demanded it have said very little about), Howard Jacobson thinks we could do with some of Boris Johnson's "chicken feed", Nick Clegg quite rightly identifies that we're spending money on weapons we don't need, while Steven Morris is thoughtful on Wootton Bassett and finally Terence Blacker finds more than a whiff of sentimentality about the mawkish patriotism the tabloids have been indulging in.

As for the worst comment piece, we are spoilt for choice. There's Toby Young, who doesn't think much of Bruno, and who fails to realise that it's not just satire, but also spoof (Brass Eye's paedophile special comes to mind, which the lacking in humour also were disgusted with), the Sun's leader comment, which is at its scaremongering and Muslim-bashing best even when it's praising them:

WOULD-BE suicide bomber Isa Ibrahim could have killed dozens if he hadn't been caught.

For that we have to thank the Muslim community who tipped off police about him.

Yesterday's tough sentence is something all sane people will welcome.

As is the action of Muslims sick of being tainted with the same brush as fanatics.

Who could possibly have portrayed all Muslims as fanatics, I wonder?

Winner though yet again has to be Amanda Platell, who can't help but compare the stiff upper lip of two mourning women with that of our politicians, cowardly spineless bastards who are leaving our brave boys to die by penny-pinching, and then also declares that Iain Duncan Smith has proved that marriage is the be all and end all, and anyone that disagrees is simply biased. Oh, and then there's her "hilarious" gag that she didn't realise that Hazel Blears had left the country (the smallest bird, geddit?) before finally ending by ridiculing Harriet Harman. Also be interesting to know how much Platell gets for her dirges, considering she criticises Boris Johnson for getting £250,000 for his column.

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Of course decent Muslims will report these idiots. I see Muslims in the most as hard working people in shops doing what they can to make a living sadly in all aspects of life we have people that belive life is cheap..

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