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Saturday, July 11, 2009 

Weekend links.

The two overwhelming themes of the weekend are continuing fallout from the Graun's exposure of the News of the World's phone hacking, and the ever increasing toll from Afghanistan.

On the blogs then, Lenin talks about unionising call centres, Paul Linford in a north-east centric piece writes of the MPs stepping down at the next election, Unity attacks Michael Gove's latest rave on education policy, 5cc covers the lies which have been going on for 20 years concerning Section 28, Flying Rodent drinks and considers policy on Afghanistan, Ten Percent translates David Miliband's statement on that benighted country, AVPS notes that Tommy Sheridan, another of those thought to have had his voicemail hacked by the NotW, has his perjury trial begin on Monday, Dave Semple examines the impossibility of impartiality, the Quail has a guide on getting your comment accepted on the Daily Mail website, Angry Mob says Andy Coulson has no place in politics, Hagley Road to Ladywood considers the almost silence among other papers on the Guardian's story and Tabloid Watch discovers, shock horror, that the Mail has now lied about gypsy children and school admission policy.

In the papers, there's an almost even split between the two main stories. The Graun has Polly Toynbee noting what this blog first looked at on Monday, the confessions of a tabloid hack, which further undermines the NotW's increasingly ridiculous claims that there were only two cases of voicemail hacking, Deborah Orr in the Indie wonders why it's so hard to convince some and prove the obvious, while Peter Oborne skirts around the issue slightly in the Mail. On Afghanistan, Matthew Parris, Correlli Barnet and Jerome Starkey are all pessimistic, while Tom Collins provides the only real defence of the war outside of the red-tops and politicians.

Speaking of which, the worst tabloid article of the weekend is once again only too easy to award to the Sun, the paper which supports Our Boys by ensuring that ever increasing numbers of them provide target practice for an enemy which will never be defeated in the way in which the paper proposes.

Above all, we must all keep supporting our troops in every minute of every day.

Or we could just pretend to, like the Sun does.

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