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Saturday, July 04, 2009 

Weekend links.

An exceptionally quiet weekend, so let's keep this short and sweet. Rachel North posts on conspiracy theories, having appeared in the good but not overwhelming Conspiracy Files: 7/7 on Monday (not mentioning the fact that MSK left behind a martyrdom video which al-Qaida's media arm released was a very poor omission), as does Flying Rodent, although on ones which some regard as conspiracy theories but which are strikingly close to being accurate, Paul Linford has his weekly column, on Labour's latest miserable relaunch, both Jamie and Daily Quail have comments on Bernie Ecclestone's declaration that Hitler "got things done", Laurie Penny is back in Britain and depressed while the Heresiarch considers Sarah Palin's latest attention seeking.

In the papers, Afua Hirsch has a comprehensive piece on the fallout from Darryn Walker's acquittal on obscenity charges, Marina Hyde notes the politico obsession with the West Wing, Polly T says there is a pension apartheid, Matthew Parris believes victory is impossible in Afghanistan, Peter Oborne rather overstates his case that parliament is full of liars, as if lying in parliament had only just been invented while Andrew Grice reports that the Tories believe Labour is planning a "scorched earth" policy, which brings to mind Mandy Rice-Davis's contribution to popular culture.

As for worst tabloid article, there is but one contender this week, and that's today's Sun leader column, hysterical as ever in its fervour, both for war and support for our brave brave boys:

THE nation mourns two fine soldiers lost in war-torn Afghanistan.

Lt Col Rupert Thorneloe and Trooper Joshua Hammond both gave their lives for the same noble purpose: Helping to defend freedom.

Yes, of course they did.

If we ever stop believing in the justice of that fight, we surrender all that we won in centuries creating the foundations of Western civilisation.

But are we making the fight harder?

Slack and lazy immigration and visa controls could be allowing into Britain the very people intent on arranging the deaths of our troops.

If we don't control our borders properly, we place our fighting men and women in even greater danger.

Afghanistan is the front line. But the war is also fought here by terrorists who sneak into Britain. We must redouble efforts to secure our borders.

Err, except every single attack or attempted attack by Islamic extremists in this country has been carried out either by British citizens or by those who were here perfectly legally, and there is no suggestion whatsoever that this is about to change. Still, let's kill two birds with one scaremongering stone: both illegal immigration and terrorism.

Let us also remember today ALL the lives laid down by troops protecting us from terrorism.

Colonel Thorneloe and Trooper Hammond were separated by rank but united by courage.

On such brave and selfless soldiers lies the responsibility of protecting Britain and our Allies from those who would blow us to pieces.

See, there I was thinking that the troops were there in Afghanistan working on reconstruction and helping the Afghan people, not on protecting "us" from terrorism. This is significant for the fact that their presence increases the threat to us, rather than decreases it. You really have to hand it to the Sun for attempting to tell us that black is in fact white and that white is actually black.

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You might want to check your Rachel North link, it goes to an old post.

Oops. Should be fixed now, thanks.

"...the fact that MSK left behind a martyrdom video which al-Qaida's media arm released"

Al-Qaida's media arm eh? Wow! - and where might that be based then? A-Q HO perhaps? - the address of which is... now let's see.. hmmm ... Vauxhall X, Milbank, Langley Virginia, Tora Bora caves, - somewhere like that maybe?

Why not just say "...the fact that MSK left behind a martyrdom video" and leave it at that?

What exactly is the "..which al-Qaida's media arm released" intended to convey?

The credulity of even the best of bloggers is truly astounding when it comes to that hoary old pejorative 'Conspiracy Theory'. But maybe it goes some way to explaining how even the most outrageous establishment concoctions become embedded as articles of faith in the minds of the general public. Things like 'The heroic, misunderstood UK, trying its best to do good in the world' and help the poor Afgans, Iraqis, Indians, Kenyans, Chagos Islanders etc etc - that sort of thing.

Coincidence theory - A-OK in other words;
Conspiracy theory - The province of nutters. So that's alright then, we can safely ignore all that stuff. Much more comfortable, and conducive to one's career, social life - even physical safety, to live in a cocoon of officially sanctioned illusions than to risk facing up to the sordid ugly reality of the Deep State's real history and agenda.

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