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Saturday, November 01, 2008 

Weekend links.

The Ross-Brand-Sachs saga might have moved off the front pages but it's still the overwhelming story in the comment ones. First though the bloggers continue to have their say: Stroppyblog says Ross and Brand should have been sacked for being crap, not over this; 5CC brings up the Mail's politics on asylum; Paulie says it's time to pick sides; and Jim D says it isn't.

Meanwhile Marina Hyde makes what to my knowledge amounts to the first real defence of the BBC in any newspaper, Howard Jacobson says this isn't just a storm in a tea-cup, it is the tea-cup, and Deborah Orr makes the point that what this really should be about is that you should not discuss other people's sex lives, which is more than fair enough. Hugo Rifkind in easily the finest piece though imagines Georgina Baillie's week.

Moving on, Lenin writes an extended post on what's happening in the Congo, Justin notes that yet more details about Blair's behind doors deals with Murdoch have emerged, whilst Chuka Umunna calls for Labour to popularise its policies. Peter Oborne takes aim at Gordon Brown, and mainly hits the target, although I don't think it's quite true that he's been pretending that he never suggested he had ended boom and bust; he's just ignored it when asked about it. Hopi Sen makes the point that the Conservatives have been all over the place on economic policy, which is the very least of it.

With a little over three days to go, things are getting desperate in the John McCain camp, the latest attack on Obama over the fact that one of his aunts is apparently in America illegally. Aaron takes a look. Harold Evans writes an interesting piece about how the America media has been overwhelmingly biased towards Obama, which even if true makes a change from the last few elections when they were overwhelmingly biased towards Bush, and also does something to counter the smears directed against Obama which dominate online. The Guardian endorses Obama, in a rather tepid editorial, while Martin Ivens thinks that fear will carry the day.

Finally, we have a draw in the worst tabloid comment piece of the weekend prize, with Allison "I blame the mother" Pearson saying that "we live in an era obsessed by youth, with politicians and broadcasters so terrified of seeming out of touch they daren't take a stand on anything," on, of course, the Ross-Brand-Sachs affair. Predictably, she shares the honour with colleague Amanda Platell, who calls Georgina Baillie "a girl that typifies the new female vulgarians," a position her paper strangely didn't have at the beginning of this week.

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