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Tuesday, September 02, 2008 

Must have been those Kegel exercises.

Not to dwell much longer on the whole Sarah Palin fandango, but this is quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen involving a politician for a while, which you'll have to click to read I'd imagine:

Connected somewhat, it looks like the rumours suggesting that Palin's daughter might have been the real mother of Trig may well have been started by those well-known political experts over on the Something Awful forums. Good to see that SA hasn't completely given up the mantle of trolling and general meme creating to 4chan, I suppose, at least.

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The timing certainly fits for a SA origin; their thread kicks off in the wee small hours and the Daily Kos post "Sarah Palin Is NOT The Mother" was made in the afternoon of the same day. Seem Kos have since deleted the post and booted the person responsible.

The rumours were actually already around beforehand, although I'm sure SA played a part in spreading it initially. Look at this thread on reddit from four months ago, then there's also this thread on SA, made a few hours before the 'Let's smear Palin' thread (the OP has been updated since, but as I recall it originally referred to the rumour as if it was already in existence).

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