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Saturday, August 30, 2008 

Weekend links.

We continue:

On Alastair Darling being misquoted and telling it straight:

Lib Con / John Band - Bad Chancellor. Bad journalists

Lenin - No shit

Stumbling and Mumbling - Darling is talking nonsense

Ten Percent - Fuk da Kredit Krunch

The Curmudgeon - On Message

In other home news:

Bob Piper - Cameron will modify Blairism

Unity ends the squabble between Sunny and DK over inequality since the 80s

Ben Goldacre, in the first extract from his book, places the blame for the MMR debacle squarely on the media, right where it belongs.

Foreign affairs:

BlairWatch - A letter from Georgia

CiF / Joschka Fischer - Realism about Russia

The Quail - The Mail somehow managed to report Obama's speech to the Democratic Convention before it had been made

Question That - On McCain picking Sarah Palin as his VP

Finally, the Mail reports on the horrors of last night's EastEnders episode:

One viewer, writing on the Points Of View message board on the BBC website, said:
'My wife was physically sick and my son of 13 was brought to tears.'

Last night I watched the brand spanking new Criterion DVD of Pasolini's Salo. The complainant's wife would probably have had a coronary.

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Good on the BBC for that Eastenders episode. If you show violence, you should show it hurts.

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