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Saturday, August 23, 2008 

Weekend links.

The now becoming regular weekend round-up of sorts. For the story behind the rather strange picture, see here.

Starting with foreign affairs:

Chick Yog - Gordon Brown is right on Afghanistan

Lib Con/Conor Foley - Faith, reason and foreign policy

Lenin and Blood and Treasure on Bernard Henri-Levy's trip to Georgia.

Nosemonkey - Russia: History and Humiliation.

Shiraz Socialist - Concluding the sectarian rumpus over an article by an Alliance for Workers' Liberty member which some took as defending an Israeli nuclear attack on Iran.

The Daily (Maybe) - Obama's foreign policy is not a weakness

Simon Jenkins - We tilt at windmills as world war looms


New Statesman / Brian Cathcart - More on the Book of Dave

Stumbling and Mumbling - 16 years of unbroken growth? No

Anton Vowl on absolute top form - first on Richard Littlecock and general tabloid racism, then more specifically on racism from the Mail, and finally from the utterly despicable Express.

Minette Marrin and Matthew Norman both comment on the return of Gary Glitter and the tabloid obsession with him. More than anything, what's apparent is that he adores the attention; if the press really wants him to suffer, the best thing it could do would be to forget he even exists.

Finally, via PDF, the fuzzy spot gives a unique send off to a friend by disposing of his pornography, taking it to where it truly belongs - in the woods and undergrowth where the next generation can find it.

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