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Thursday, April 10, 2008 


In one of my irregular moments of madness some time ago, as any of you whom for some reason have searched for "septicisle" might know (41 people have so far this month, although 11 have also been referred here after they searched for "gay orgy", 2 were from "celebs with big foreheads", another 2 from "putting in a tampon", yet another 2 for "dont hit kids no seriously they have guns now", 1 from "gordon brown's student pamphlet 'how to sponge a living from state benefits'", 1 more from "my grief is killing me help me" and finally 1 from "cunts at jobcentre made me get a job at a care home which is unbearable") I made the stupid mistake of setting up a MurdochSpace page. For anyone wondering, yes, it's mine, and yes, you couldn't possibly have guessed that I looked like that, and yes, I realise this makes me the most horrendous hypocrite. Still, at least I'm not on Facebook.

If any of you are so inclined or dull enough to want me as a phony friend, feel free.

I get the feeling I'm going to regret this in the morning.

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I had a moment of weakness once. Then I came to my senses and deleted it.

I think.

Well forgive as long as it doesn't look like it's been designed by a 13 year old: flashing lights, takes hours to load due to numerous You Tube links, etc.

BTW, Facebook can be quite handy...


I mean, ahem.

I had a myspace for about 30 mins. I ran a site and lots of members were 'encouraging' ("do it now") me to get one. So I signed up. After 28 mins of trying to figure out where the hell everything was, and crying over the appaling html, I deleted it.

You'll be happy to know that I'm probably around the only person on the entire site that doesn't have music blaring out the moment you open a page. Also, a wave to those 3 people that have so far wanted to be my phony friend.

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