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Tuesday, April 08, 2008 

Mea culpa.

While there's obviously still an awful lot to come out and you're innocent until proven guilty, I feel just slightly silly having wrote a few defences of Karen Matthews over the last month or so. While most of the bile in the tabloids was directed at Fiona MacKeown, it's hard not to accept now that Allison Pearson might have had something of a point in her 5th of March piece, hypocrisy or not.

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Allison Pearson is still a hateful, nasty person.

I wouldn't feel silly, your defences were valid at the time, and you at least have the balls to make posts like this, unlike journalists who would never do so.

I have followed every single news item on Shannon Matthews every single day since she disappeared (NOT TRUE to say the public weren't interested!). I notice so many of those stories suddenly disappeared and most new ones have their 'Comments' sections disabled.

Seems to me they don't want their readers pulling them up now on what they reported before her reappearance, especially since paedophilia, collusion and scamming have entered the picture and family members are going down like nine-pins to the local nick.

That's why I think it's really big of you to have posted this.

Thanks too for the opportunity to reply.

I don't think you were wrong at all. Pearson wasn't right about Karen Matthews - she implied the boyfriend had something to do with the disappearance, and as far as anyone knows he didn't. Her point was also that the child went missing because of the poor parenting of her mother - which is possibly right, but not in the way that Pearson meant it.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

No where near as guilty as the McCanns...

The most important aspect is that although charges have now been made, no trial has taken place. The media were acting as judge, jury and executioner. It may be that the press were tipped off about certain police 'suspicions' but that gives them no right to imply guilt before trial.
I was pleased that Shannon had been found whatever the circumstances; I did, however, have concerns about the lifestyle of the family.
By the same token I give the MCanns the benefit of the doubt until they are conclusively found to be guilty. I do believe they are at least culpable with regard to child neglect.

It is still a valid point as to how middle class children are treated as opposed to working class; those who are photogenic also receive better coverage.

Everyone deserves a chance of defence even Hindley, Huntley and possibly Iain Dale.

So kudos for making the point but no fault attaches.

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