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Wednesday, November 07, 2007 

Ellee Seymour, Nadine Dorries and all that.

I tend to find the majority of blogging-battles or mini civil wars about as interesting as how much the house I'm currently sitting in is worth, but Tim's latest post on Ellee Seymour and her tooth and nail defense of Nadine Dorries, involving the removal of all of Tim's comments while leaving up numerous ones smearing him is pretty astonishing in its one-handedness. Seymour, whose blog resembles some of the most inane of the Daily Mail's output, somehow came tenth in Iain Dale's top 500 political blogs list.

Seymour regards Nadine Dorries as "a superb woman, a superb MP and a superb blogger." It's a shame then that Dorries makes baseless accusations against those who question the science behind her minority submission to the Parliamentary Science and Tech Select Committee. Dorries removed comments from her blog after those in them asked her to retract her idiotic complaint that Ben Goldacre's "personal attack" represented a "serious breach of parliamentary procedure," as she claimed that he could only have obtained Professor Wyatt's evidence from a member of the select committee. Goldacre downloaded Wyatt's evidence from the committee's website, where it had already been posted.

Dorries herself claims not to be anti-abortion or pro-life and as someone who accepts abortion as a fact of life. It's strange then that she talks in the same language as those who are completely opposed to abortion in all instances. In her own words:

The Committee was hi-jacked by those who have powerful financial vested interests in the abortion industry.

Considering that the vast, vast majority of abortions in this country are carried out on the NHS, this comment alone is breathtakingly disingenuous. Unity has spent far more time and effort breaking down her arguments, which are best summed up by him as:

In fact, reading her ‘commentaries’ on the proceedings of the Committee I think I can safely say that rarely, if ever, have I encountered such a continuous stream of crude, vapid, abject, disingenuous, ill-conceived and intellectually dishonest bullshit as that emanating from the keyboard of Mad Nad over the last week.

Which is probably why she's a superb woman, a superb MP and a superb blogger.

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