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Tuesday, November 06, 2007 

So there is a liberal conspiracy after all...

Nice to see that Liberal Conspiracy, the latest project from Sunny of Pickled Politics fame has launched, and has a roster of bloggers on its books to rival the very best group sites.

I'm not too sure on the name, as it seems a little too provocative for my liking (and calling this island upon which we live septic isn't, dipshit?) and will quickly grow stale, but the thinking behind it certainly can't be faulted, even if I worry that it could become something of a circle jerk. As Dave Hill writes:

I hate to tempt fate but, fingers crossed, touching wood and stroking a rabbit’s foot, this blog could turn out to be a rarity: a place where liberals and lefties gather to debate that I don’t feel an immediate urge to leave.

There might still be some further surprises to emerge from Sunny's sleeve, so it's worth watching for sometime yet in any case.

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Hi septicle, just been checking out your site and postings and have come to the conclusion that you are in fact barking mad.

Because of you I have decided to start a weekly post, highlighting sites such as yours and in honour of you, you are number one that was posted today.

A fascist calling me barking mad. How very amusing.

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