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Saturday, April 21, 2007 

Immigrants ate my baby.

Immigration is "ruining the British way of life" screams the Express. David Davis tells the Torygraph that the effect of the government's "inability to get a grip on immigration" is "destablising" British society. The Sun, which agrees with the Home Secretary that unless immigration is seen to be under control that some may turn to extremists such as the BNP, ignoring its own role in demonising Muslims and immigrants in general, also mentions the report which has started the latest soul-searching about the end of life in Britain as we know it.

A quick trip over to the think-tank's website, which promises "classic liberal comment" but which links to such well-known liberals as David Frum, EU Referendum, Mark Steyn, Melanie Philips and Stephen "Vicky" Pollard, soon makes you wonder just how impartial and independent this report produced by David Conway is. In fact, the think-tank is so impartial that it recommends you visit those other well-known totally impartial immigration warriors, MigrationWatchUK.

I rest my case.

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