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Friday, July 29, 2005 

Robert Kilroy-Silk resigns as leader of Veritarse.

Chatshow host turned MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk tonight quit as leader of the fringe party Veritas, which he set up less than six months ago.

He had earlier joined the UK Independence party and was elected MEP for the East Midlands in 2004, but left after a failed leadership bid.

The former BBC presenter, who entered public life as a Labour MP in the 1970s, now faces calls to quit his European parliament post. Tonight the MEP, who was facing a leadership challenge from disillusioned Veritas members, said he was standing down immediately having "tried and failed" to change the British political system.

In a statement, Mr Kilroy-Silk said: "It was clear from the general election result - and more recently that of the Cheadle byelection - that the electors are content with the old parties and that it would be virtually impossible for a new party to make a significant impact given the nature of our electoral system.

No Mr Silk, we're not content with the "old parties". However, we're not going to vote for a racist who covers his policies with a veneer of legitimacy. It's nice to see he took the easy option of blaming the electorate for being too stupid to see that he is obviously the rightful leader of this septic isle.

In case you forgot, this is how he rather sweepingly generalised Arabs:

"Apart from oil - which was discovered, is produced and is paid for by the west - what do they contribute? Can you think of anything? Anything really useful? Anything really valuable? Something we really need, could not do without? No, nor can I.

"What do they think we feel about them? That we adore them for the way they murdered more than 3,000 civilians on September 11 and then danced in the hot, dusty streets to celebrate the murders? That we admire them for being suicide bombers, limb amputators, women repressors?"

Quite the guy, I'm sure you'll agree. Still, at least he obviously sees himself for the failure he is. Shame he didn't realise that a long time ago.

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