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Wednesday, July 27, 2005 

State sanctioned death squads can shoot without warning.

Absolutely unbelieveable:

Police have been given permission to shoot dead suspected suicide bombers without any verbal warning, the Guardian has learned.

A police source has told the Guardian that there is no need for officers to verbally warn a suspect before opening fire.

The source said: "If the firearms team are reasonably certain the person is a suicide bomber then there is no need to issue any warning.

Seeing as we can now be shot without any warning, here's some tips to aid our survival: 1.) Don't wear unseasonable clothing, i.e. a bikini in December, sandals in February, a buttplug in August, or a fur suit at any time. 2.) If your skin is any colour other than pale white, invest in either a quantity of chalk dust or tippex: use liberally all over any visible parts of your body. 3.) Go naked. You might get arrested, but hey, it's better than getting shot 7 times in the head, right? 4.) Leave this septic isle and go somewhere safer, such as Israel or Iraq.

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