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Friday, July 29, 2005 

Breaking: All four suspects of July 27th bombings arrested.

Perhaps we can now finally get back to investigating who carried out the bombings of the 7th of July.

There were hopes tonight that all four of the chief suspects in the failed suicide bombings of July 21 were in custody after arrests today.

Two of the three remaining main suspects were detained in west London by armed police this afternoon, a security source told Guardian Unlimited.

Italy's interior minister, Giuseppe Pisanu, said later that a London bomb suspect had also been arrested in Rome.

If the reports from Italy are confirmed, all four of Scotland Yard's main suspects from last week's bungled attacks have been arrested, though police have said there may be a fifth bomber, and the size and scope of the cell involved remains unclear.

Today's arrests come after Wednesday's arrest in Birmingham of Yasin Hassan Omar, who is suspected of the attempted bombing at Warren Street. He was the first of the main suspects to be detained.

A security source told Guardian Unlimited that the suspects held in west London this afternoon were Muktar Said-Ibrahim, who police believe attempted to blow up a No 26 bus in Shoreditch, and the unnamed man who is wanted for the attack on the Oval tube station.

The Oval bomb suspect was arrested at Dalgarno Gardens, a block of flats in Ladbroke Grove, after a dramatic siege, the source said. Ibrahim was arrested less than a mile away at a residential property in Tavistock Road.

Mr Pisanu was quoted by the Italian news agency Ansa as sending his congratulations to police in the city, who named the Rome detainee as Osman Hussain from Somalia. He is suspected of attempted to bomb Shepherd's Bush tube station.

During today's operations a third man was arrested at one of the raided addresses in west London where dozens of armed officers, some wearing gas marks and carrying machine guns, were deployed in operations that began mid-morning. Sources said at least one of the properties had been under surveillance overnight.

Some analysts have stated that the now fabled CCTV photo of the 4 supposed July 7th bombers is a fake. While I have no way to verify this, the photo itself always did seem suspicious. A good analysis of it can be found at http://wagnews.blogspot.com/2005/07/evidence-luton-cctv-image-is-fake.html. To show that the above photo hasn't itself been doctored, here's the original on the Met website. I have no wish to entirely delve into the conspiracy theories that are floating around about July the 7th, and how the events of the 21st may well have been a distraction away from the investigation into about the actual bombings which took place on that day. That said, the above does raise questions about the supposed bombers that have been named. The BBC has reported that the Hasib Hussain who travelled to Pakistan was a 16 year old of the same name, not the alleged bomber. There have been similar accusations about how there appear to be two Mohamed Atta's, who were in the US before September 2001.

Maybe now we'll also seem a climbdown in the ramping up of the fear level, especially by "Sir" Ian Blair, who has been repeatedly telling of the threat of further attacks. The less police with guns on the streets, the less chance of more deaths such as those as Jean Charles. Despite this, there's been a further no doubt unnecessary arrest of two women at Liverpool Street station. Expect them to be released shortly, with no apology issued as is usual.

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