Thursday, September 25, 2008 

Three horsewomen of the apocalypse.

After having performed her essential role as little more than a fluffer for her husband, but for which she was given the sort of praise and coverage that most politicians would kill for, Sarah Brown went across the pond with Gordy and attended a women-only dinner for the White Ribbon Alliance, "aimed at improving the health of mothers and babies around the world". This was the result:

For the uninitiated, that's Wendi Deng, aka Mrs Rupert Murdoch, on the far right. Also in attendance according to the Telegraph, was Queen Rania of Jordan (where women can be taken into "protective custody" to protect them from "family violence", rather than offering voluntary shelters), Elle Macpherson, and the Duchess of York.

With friends of mothers and babies like those, who needs enemies?

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Thursday, August 09, 2007 

Genocidal tyrant says it's all so unfair.

Rupert Murdoch has complained that his victorious three-month battle to buy the Wall Street Journal involved fending off criticism bearing a degree of vitriol usually reserved for "genocidal tyrants".

Diddums! It's a bugger when you can't always control what journalists write about you, isn't it? Murdoch has got so used to being able to either respond to criticism through tit-for-tat attacks in his own papers, or as the recent spiking by the Grauniad of a profile of his wife Wendi Deng showed, being able to stop publication through pure fear of what his own minions might do in return that for a long time he's been almost immune from any personal criticism whatsoever.

Why though is he so surprised that he should come in for such vitriol? While he may not personally be a tyrant, although hacks within News International may think different, he's certainly had plenty of experience in kow-towing to them when it comes to advancing both his business interests and personal fortune, especially in China. As for genocidal, as a direct response of every single one of his newspapers supporting the Iraq war, with the New York Post and The Sun especially involved in cheerleading for it and smearing its opponents, he has a fair share of the blood of 650,000 Iraqis on his hands. Was it worth it for that $20 barrel of oil? Oh, wait...

P.S. Would you believe there's no mention in today's Scum of the fact that their great white shark exclusive ripped out of a local newspaper has been exposed as a hoax? What was all that about the journalists on the BBC being "crooks and liars" again?

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