Monday, March 24, 2008 

When you're obsessed, you will see your obsession everywhere.

Via Rhetorically Speaking, I note that Mad Mel has been going err, mad, over the attack by Asian youths on Canon Michael Ainsworth, which was apparently proof of a low-level jihad against Christians in east London by raging "Moslems" determined to make the entire place a no-go area.

Or not, as according to Ainsworth himself, who gave an interview to the same journal that carries Mel's rantings:

"We must respond calmly, and not jump to conclusions..." Coping with the hysteria from "wild" national press coverage had been "almost worse than being attacked." He felt helpless as his church was besieged by cameramen and reporters after the story broke last Friday. "They have their own agendas," said Mr Ainsworth, "as do the bloggers, both professional and amateur, who are using the story for their own ends and drawing bizarre, mainly racist, conclusions."

Well, quite. Mel P does have form in this area, jumping as she did on the Sun's article about "Muslim yobs" attacking a house in Windsor which local squaddies had contemplated moving into. Only, it turned out that there was no evidence whatsoever to link it to Muslims and that the most likely culprits in fact turned out to be local residents who were concerned about the effects on house prices. When confronted with the Sun's own apology, she simply stated that the "[T]he correction did not deny the original information" and that "readers can judge for themselves". Which is usually something Mel does not leave to chance.

Still, in very slightly related news, wasn't it glorious to see the Bishop of Rochester, he of the "Muslim no-go areas" soundbite giving his Easter sermon? Presumably he somehow managed to get out from under the blanket of fear that was the apparent death threats sent to him for such insolence. Doubtless too the Bishop of Oxford, who similarly received death threats after he dared not to disagree with the proposed call to pray being broadcast in Oxford made his sermon, although without any of the press attention.

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