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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 

A challenge for Unite Against Fascism.

I mentioned in passing yesterday Islam4UK (site seems to be down at the moment) without noting that they're planning a "march for Sharia" on the 31st of October, a rather appropriate date. This threatens potentially to be a repeat of both the protest in Luton back in March and before that the protests outside the Danish embassy in the aftermath of the "Motoons" affair. Not because the protest itself will be significant, either in terms of attendance or of the demands, as we've heard it all before from al-Muhajiroun and its numerous splinters and successor organisations, but because of the ridiculous coverage which it will almost certainly be given by the media.

It's welcome then that Inayat Bunglawala is proposing a counter demonstration, ostensibly you would presume by ordinary Muslims against the loons although doubtless all colours and creeds etc will be also encouraged to attend, and it's especially helpful considering the Muslim Council of Britain's own occasional intransigent behaviour. The one thing that would be even more helpful would be the presence of Unite Against Fascism. They're the sort of group that would be able to mobilise significantly enough to dwarf the Islam4UK demo, and considering that the English Defence League are also bound to rear their ugly heads as well, would be able to face off both groups and help to balance the coverage of the march. Whether they'd be interested in facing down radical Islamists as well as the far-right though is uncertain, but would certainly help to counter their own critics. Choudary and friends might be idiots that are best ignored in the main, but this is one of those occasions when delivering something approaching a smackdown would be in the interests of everyone.

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EDL have said they won't be there as they already have a demo planned for the same day in Leeds as well as for various other reasons explained here:


The right to demonstrate peacefully is an important strand in our fast-dwindling civil liberties. I have always opposed the "no platform" stance, as free speech within the law is another essential value. But with the proviso that immediately there is illegal verbal provocation or violence, the perpetrators should be arrested. The police should be capable of keeping order impartially - I emphasise "should be".....

I'm not sure if UAF should act as a human buffer between two sets of idiots?

Isn't that the job of the police?

Giolla: Well, that says everything about the EDL doesn't it? They're not interested in confronting genuine Islamic extremism, just stirring up trouble in various cities.

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