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Saturday, October 03, 2009 

Weekend links.

You probably won't be able to read this, so please excuse the lack of overall effort in this week's weekend links (Update: fixed, no but thanks to Dreamhost for suddenly moving me from one server to another without bothering to tell me). On the Irish yes vote to the Lisbon treaty, although some wrote before the result was known, Lenin bemoans the victory for neoliberalism, Bob wonders where this leaves the Tories, as does Jamie, while Nosemonkey critiques the view that having a second vote was undemocratic. On the spectre of the Conservatives coming to power, Sunny wonders where it'll leave the left, Freemania calls Giles Coren a prat while noting that Cameron, as well as employing someone who drives behind him while he bikes in to Westminster is also now doing his bit for the unemployment figures by having someone permanently around to take photos of him. Lastly, Back Towards the Locus notes the links between the Tory frontbench and the "Atlantic Bridge".

In the papers, or at least their sites, Matthew Parris and Peter Oborne have high hopes and lessons for Cameron, Polly Toynbee warns that these "new Tories" have sharp teeth, while Michael Brown and Andrew Grice still think it isn't all over. David Lister calls for an end to meaningless awards, while Howard Jacobson probably makes the most well argued case for calling a spade a spade and "getting tough" over the thuggery which led to Fiona Pilkington killing herself and her daughter which I've read in a while; without convincing me, it should be added.

As for worst tabloid article, it goes to Max Hastings for his swooning article on Cameron, and I shall direct you to Tabloid Watch, who does the job of explaining why for me.

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