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Saturday, September 05, 2009 

Weekend links.

No overall theme this week, so may as well just get straight into it.  Sunny comes up with some reasons why we shouldn't give up on Afghanistan, while Third Estate responds to his original post on CiFLenin sees it as an opportunity to strike a blow against NATO, while Jamie was highly unconvinced by Brown's piss-poor speech yesterday. Flying Rodent writes on a controversial view of WW2, Dave Semple despairs of his local council, Dave Osler wonders whether reds can also be greens, Shiraz Socialist celebrates Keith Waterhouse, Neil Robertson responds on feminism and Islam, Hopi Sen clears up some misconceptions regarding the Labour leadership, Tom Freeman notes that we don't seem to be either falling behind or getting better at maths, the Heresiarch reflects on Philip Garrido's predilection for Dean Koontz, Daily Quail sees that the Daily Mail's newest idol thought that on the family the Taliban had the right idea and Splintered Sunrise reviews David Aaronovitch.

In the papers, or at least on their sites, Matthew Parris and Paul Flynn share their thoughts on Afghanistan, Janice Turner, the Independent leader, Loretta Loach and Harry Ferguson discuss Edlington (unfairly in some circumstances, as the boys were only there because that's where the foster family they were placed with lived), Alice Thomson, depressingly, explains why the X Factor could decide the next election, Andrew Grice thinks Brown's day of reckoning (again) is getting closer, Howard Jacobson somehow imagines that we showed al-Megrahi enough compassion in not hanging him, Geoffrey Wheatcroft also celebrates Keith Waterhouse, and Marina Hyde says we need something rougher than just a TV debate between the party leaders.

As for worst tabloid article, Amanda Platell seems to be absent, and so doesn't automatically gain the coveted prize.  Instead, the only real candidate is this ridiculous linking of the Chucky films to various murderers and killings in the Sun, which yet again wrongly suggests that James Bulger's killers had seen the third film in the series, when there was no evidence whatsoever that they had, something which is pointed out in the comments, which are also highly critical.

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