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Wednesday, September 02, 2009 


Little disappointed that in Iain Dale's latest attempt at ranking every blog in the known universe I've dropped from 18th last year to 60th this on the left wing list, but it's probably to be expected when I didn't so much as mention the vote (I didn't vote myself so can hardly complain), and also when most of your blogging buddies boycotted the whole thing. Also probably not too much to be upset about when Tom Harris, that well-known leftie tops the poll, and when Alastair Campbell, Luke Akehurst and Harry's Place all also make the top ten, but major thanks to all those who took the time to vote for this waste of space as always.

It has at least finally motivated me to update the blog roll to the right, so I've removed pretty much all the dead wood (I think), updated the links to those that have moved and also added a whole boatload of links to those that should have been on it ages ago. If for some reason I've inexplicably forgotten you or you want to be linked to, leave a comment and I'll sort it out at some point in the next century.


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Long time reader and student dirt upstart treading on the turf of the blogging elite.


Keep up the good work. Been reading for years now

Inexplicable. I voted for you, but then I have very little influence on such things. At least you didn't have the humiliation of being beaten by Nadine Dorries.

At no.4, Alastair Campbell - how seriously are we supposed to take this?

Thank-you very much for the link, I am honoured to be on your blogroll.

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