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Saturday, May 16, 2009 

Weekend links.

Doom and gloom is pervading Westminster, with there only being one topic again this weekend. Sunny at Lib Con calls for a campaign to clean up parliament, while also arguing that Shahid Malik has been made a scapegoat, Paul Linford argues that this week will mean root and branch change, Rhetorically Speaking sees Labour setting up a personal job creation scheme, Hopi Sen notes that it's just getting worse and worse, while the Heresiarch looks somewhat sympathetically at Tam Dalyell's valedictory claiming of bookcases to hold his copies of Hansard, at a cost of £9,000 to the taxpayer. Most popular in blogland though is the sight of Nadine Dorries finally getting her comeuppance, or something approaching it, with Tim, Justin, Jamie, Bob, Craig, Sim-O and RS all enjoying the moment. Away from the expenses row, Lenin sees Israel wiping the occupied territories off the map, Anton Vowl has some suggestions on what to do with your BNP election leaflet (which I've yet to receive, so I'll have to make do with the UKIP one) and lastly Back Towards The Locus looks at the continuing persecution of the Roma in Italy.

In the papers, Marina Hyde draws attention to Dr Richard Taylor and his almost immaculate record in the Commons, Peter Oborne wishes that Vince Cable could be PM, Matthew Parris thinks the outrage is being overdone, while Ken Macdonald criticises the remaining secrecy, with Andrew Grice also thinking the Lib Dems could be the ones to benefit, although for the moment it looks as if UKIP and the BNP at least in the short term will be the main beneficiaries. The Independent's leader column also more or less calls for a general election, which is interesting. Other topics include Janice Turner on the idiocy and uselessness of SATs and Deborah Orr on the "dog problem".

As for worst tabloid article, we have the usual efforts from both Lorraine Kelly and Amanda Platell, but to come full circle we'll stretch the rules beyond breaking point and give the award to Ms Dorries for her impassioned defence of her right for privacy and for her second home not to be public knowledge, even if she has since removed the caps from the post.

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Let it be known that, as recently as October 2006, the Telegraph were writing that "Greed is Good".

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