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Friday, May 08, 2009 

More unequal than ever.

It's been completely overshadowed by other events, but what really should be the final nail in Labour's coffin was quietly slipped out yesterday: the income gap is now the widest it has been since records began. This should be the very knife in the heart of New Labour: the entire political deal which shaped the party was that even if the rich would be allowed to become filthily so, through subtle and stealthy redistribution the poorest would be lifted out of poverty, with child poverty to be abolished altogether.

Arguably, for a while it worked: the poor were not getting poorer, it was just the rich getting richer more quickly which prevented Labour's record from being noteworthy and successful. The latest figures however show that even before the banking meltdown, the poorest were having to make do on less, while the richest continued to benefit. As alluded to above, this should be the final straw: the whole reason that Labour supporters were meant to put up with the triangulation, the constant appeasing of the tabloids, the wars, the constant reactionary rhetoric on everything that the Home Office deals with and dealt with was because that below the surface, things were slowly but surely getting better for the most vulnerable in society. Now even Polly Toynbee at her most desperate cannot pretend that her nosepegs can keep out the smell that emanates from New Labour's corpse.

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"Hold your nose and write 'None of the above' on the ballot is the only honourable course for voters.

In plane view for those prepared to shed their blinkers, there is a relentless 'Deep State' agenda that is impervious to party politics. With the exception of trivial knee-jerk tribal allegiance issues like hunting, it matters not one jot which party is in power, the hidden Deep State agenda remains sacrosanct and it has nothing whatever to do with 'the greater good' and similar high-minded principles. Deception is it's dominant operating principle and national allegiance relevant only as a means of harnessing occasionally useful popular notions of patriotism

A REAL revolution is what's needed but it won't happen because it is precisely what is most feared by the arbiters of that agenda. Hence the perpetual 'war on terror' enabling an ever more pervasive and intrusive surveillance security state to perpetuate it.

All IMHO of course, but nonetheless a far more coherent explanation and predictor of events than simplistic notions of freedom under the law in a robust Parliamentary Democracy. Parliament is nothing more than pure theatre for the Sheeple, allowing us the illusion of influence through petty party political involvements and periodic voting.

Reason not to vote Labour in June number 257...

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