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Wednesday, June 04, 2008 

The Morning Bore, courtesy of Francis Maude.

While going through TheyWorkForYou for the previous post, I couldn't help but notice this spectacularly asinine question from Francis Maude:

Francis Maude (Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office & Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Cabinet Office; Horsham, Conservative)

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster how many copies of the Morning Star (a) the Cabinet Office and (b) 10 Downing Street purchase each day.

Tom Watson (Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office; West Bromwich East, Labour) | Hansard source


This was almost certainly asked purely so that the likes of the Mail or the Express could then publish a spurious article about how Gordon's a communist because he has the Morning Star delivered to his den every day. It doesn't matter that the Morning Star, while espousing a definite socialist (some would say Stalinist) platform, unlike any other newspaper in the country, has a wide range of voices from the left in its pages; anyone who reads it is obviously a red.

A far more interesting question would have been to ask how many copies of all newspapers are delivered to both the Cabinet Office and 10 Downing Street, but that wouldn't have provided a "gotcha!" moment in quite the same way. Francis Maude, you are officially a twat.

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Quite, why not ask "how many copies of the Financial Times", or "how many copies of the Daily Mail"?

It is of course a disgrace that Gordon Brown doesn't read the Morning Star - if he did, he might not be quite as far up shit creek as he is...

PS: I always expect Tories to act stupidly, that's what they do.

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