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Thursday, April 03, 2008 

"Liquid explosives" trial begins.

The court was told that hydrogen peroxide would be the main ingredient used to bring the planes down.

Although hydrogen peroxide is legal, it would have been combined with organic materials to create an explosive mixture.

Wright said the conspirators planned to use a syringe to insert the explosive liquid into the base of 500ml bottles of Oasis and Lucozade in order to smuggle it on board the aircraft.

They would then top the bottles with a soft drink called Tang.

The mixture would be detonated by another substance concealed within batteries, jurors were told.

This trial is going to be fun, isn't it?

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Let's hope the defense doesn't miss its chance to call as expert witnesses some of the chemists who so comprehensively debunked the liquid explosives nonsense last year.

Quite, and although not wanting to get too deep into discussions on this due to the fact that the trial has now started, it's quite obvious these men were jihadists, just that like many of them with their big plans, their idea for actually blowing up the planes seems far-fetched in the extreme.

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