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Wednesday, November 14, 2007 

Bike fucks man.

What is this country coming to when you can't have sex with your bicycle in the privacy of your own bedroom?

To be serious, if it's possible in a case such as this, whose business is it that someone is performing a sex act with any inanimate object when it's in a room not normally accessible to the public? Would the two cleaners have reported the man to the hostel manager if they'd walked in on him simply masturbating? How on earth can his entry on the sex offenders register be justified when nothing and no one was hurt by what he was doing, except for his pride and self-worth? Seems like Robert Stewart was unfortunate enough to be burst in on by two prudes and subsequently dragged through the courts by police and others who should get a sense of humour and idea of what actually is a sexual offence.

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I like the title of the post, and agree that the authorities conduct is as odd as the chap trying to mount a cycle.

Is it possible there is more to this story than what is published? If not completely agree with you. Was going to write something on this but glad you beat me to it. I cannot understand why this guy is on the sex offenders register. That is a despicable decision.

What a waste of Tax payers money.
Has he been banned from Halfords as part of the conditions of being on the SO register?

The Telegraph mentions that when the cleaners entered he apparently said "what is it hen?" and carried on what he was doing, which would seem to confirm that he was drunk at the time. Still can't see how even that justifies his entry on the sex offenders register or 3 years of probabtion.

The whole world has gone mad. Even funnier than "Man Has Sex with Bicycle" are the po-faced remarks of the police/prosecution/magistrates, talking as if they were "fighting the good fight" rather than making prize arses of themselves.

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