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Tuesday, October 23, 2007 

Call to arms - Mad Mel has moved.

Via D-Notice, I, err, notice that Melanie "Clinically Sane" Phillips has moved home from her previous, commentless own site over to the Spectator's execrable home of all right-wing thought, which does feature the opportunity to stick your two pence worth in.

While Mel has yet to sound off on her favourite topic of how Iran is plotting the second Holocaust, or "Londonistan", she has posted about the global warming "scam". A BBC journalist has already challenged her. Let's see how long it is before Mel begs to have comments on her posts turned off, or moderation kicks in.

Note to self - Phillips has two l's, you dipshit.

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Sadly, Ms Phillips is highly unlikely ever to engage with her critics in the comments. Can't see any responses so far . And, of course, moderation is on. Engagement is probably already impossible.

In fact, the only high profile media organisation which doesn't moderate in advance and does try to allow genuine debate seems to be the Guardian, freedom hating Commies that they are... I certainly can't think of right leaning media sites which allow it.

FlipC seems to have succeeded in beating the moderator, but my own comment, which pointed out that Ben Goldacre described Phillips, a humanities graduate, as simply not understanding science seems to have been lost somewhere in the matrix.

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