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Monday, October 15, 2007 

Scum-watch: A year of knuckledragging.

It's been a whole year since the launching of MyScum, the Sun's witless and frequently racist comment and forum section, and the site has been asking for votes on the "best" of it for the past week. Perhaps they ought to have referred to the MySun section on this very blog first.

Let's have a look at just what passes for topical debate on the Sun's glorified web forum right now:

If you're rather disgusted by the Sun's website own passing of the blame onto "immigrants" (at least they used to blame the blacks, the Irish or whomever that week's folk devil was rather than a homogeneous block of multi-nationals in some cases fleeing oppression) then that's got nothing on some of the actual overt racism and xenophobia going on right now in the forums:

the eastern europeans are a clever lot,and have no feelings for the country they live in..they committ the most crime,they gamble openly on street corners,ive seen about a half a dozen of them the other day with a foldaway table,when the heat is off they open it and play that cheating game where you guess where the dice or stone is under the 3 cups,a few were caught in our local sun day market but only after they had taken hundreds of gullible shoppers,they were finaly arrested.. most are of romany decent or cheaper versions of the gypsies. are they kosavans ,serbs ,bosnians,or rumanian,im not sure,but they are not your average citizen.

Well lets look at the state of our NHS. First of all we have BRITISH citizens being smeared in their own FAECES in numerous NHS wards up and down the country. Now i've read that some patients are pulling out their own f****** teeth as NHS dentists are no longer available. Why do we have this problem when we pay the highest taxes in the world. I'll tell you why...It's because of the NHS WORLD SERVICE where we kindly agree to take care of every immigrant and his dog all in the name of liberalism! Are you prepared to be covered in your own **** with a pair of pliers in your hand so you can yank that wisdom tooth out for the sake of immigrants who want a better life at our expense?

I had the misfortune of going to Harlow,Essex on saturday, I was absolutly amazed at the amount of Eastern Europeans there. Its was like a third world country, had to get out the town can not stand the blighters!

All of the above are just the first posts in the threads. It's worth pointing out that there are some
exceptions, but they tend to be in the minority. Truly a year worth celebrating.

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