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Wednesday, September 19, 2007 

Pretty tough on immigrants.

There's not really that much to add to Five Chinese Crackers' skilled dissection of the Daily Mail's take on the comments of Cambridgeshire's chief constable Julie Spence's measured call for more resources from the government to deal with the challenges of the influx of eastern European migrants, although Jon Cruddas also makes a number of salient points on CiF.

It's interesting though to note, especially in the aftermath of the mini-tremor caused by Sunny's post on CiF (which I'll come to tomorrow, blame Tiscali for my connection being down most of today) that the BBC, apparently a television version of the Guardian which seeks to brainwash the general public into becoming politically correct gay loving limp-wristed liberals (I may paraphrase slightly, but that seems to be what some of the commenters' on Iain Dale's post on Sunny's CiF piece are suggesting) has given almost blanket coverage to Spence's comments and the ramifications of them. BBC Radio 2 and Five Live have been running the story either as the first or second report on their news bulletins all day; the 10 O'Clock News had it third; and Newsnight gave it top billing, complete with discussion afterwards with Sir Andrew Green spouting his usual bilious nonsense. Not bad for an organisation that has ignored immigration and is meant to be unquestionably in favour of it.

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