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Saturday, May 26, 2007 

Find Felicity Jane Lowde.

Despite Felicity Jane Lowde (one of her many paranoid blogs can be awed over here) being found guilty of harassing Rachel North, she is now apparently living rough in London and continuing her stalking campaign using internet cafes. There is a warrant out for her arrest. The photograph in question is 10 years old; she has apparently aged considerably since it was taken, and has put on weight. If you see her, it's advised you don't approach her, but instead phone the police immediately. Hopefully we can get her the treatment she needs before she ends up causing further misery to others she thinks have slighted her.

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Her site(s) are weird - talk about playing the bloody victim to the hilt.

Shhe has been found!

and is now in prison awaiting psych. evaluation pre-sentencing.

Thanks to all for their support.

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