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Friday, December 15, 2006 

Craig Murray on the falling apart of the "liquid bombs" plot.

A second and simultaneous development is even more compelling evidence that this massive scare was, as I said at the time, "More propaganda than plot". Thames Valley police have given up after five months scouring the woods near High Wycombe where the bomb materials were allegedly hidden. They told the Home Office on 12 December that they would only continue if the government were prepared to meet the costs; they wished to get back to devoting their resources to real crimes, like armed robbery and burglary.

Remember this was a plot described by the authorities as "Mass murder on an unimaginable scale" and "Bigger than 9/11". There have been instances in the UK of hundreds of police officers deployed for years to find an individual murderer. If the police really believed they were dealing with an effort at "Mass murder on an unimaginable scale", would they be calling off the search after five months? No.

Which brings us to the lies that have been told - one of which concerns this search. An anonymous police source tipped off the media early on that they had discovered a "Suitcase" containing "bomb-making materials". This has recently been described to me by a security service source as "A lot of rubbish from someone's garage dumped in the woods". You could indeed cannibalise bits of old wire, clocks and car parts to form part of a bomb - perhaps you could enclose it in the old suitcase. But have they found stuff that is exclusively concerned with causing explosions, like detonators, explosives or those famous liquid chemicals? No, they haven't found any.

Wycombe Woods, like the sands of Iraq, have failed to yield up the advertised WMD.


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You're a prime politically correct turd.
Which council or quango do you "work" for ?
Or is it the BBC ?
They're a pack of arrogant PC corrupt creeps whining about the rights of islamcist fanatics while taking away freeom of speech from anyone who wishes to put the other side.

You lot are everything you condemn everyone else for, and more.

An old saying sums you up - if you were half as bright as you THINK you are, you'll be twice as bright as you ACTUALLY are.

If you had read anything other than this post, which incidentally is just a link to another blog post, then you'd know that I'm a civil libertarian who believes in absolute freedom of speech.

It's a lot easier to abuse those you don't know than it is to actually come up with opposing arguments to their points.

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