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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

Margaret Beckett: The change in position on Iran in full.

Beckett, who bears a frightening resemblance to Thatcher.

Jack Straw said that a military strike on Iran was "inconceivable". Yesterday, the new foreign secretary, fresh from causing misery to farmers across the land in her previous ministerial post said "it's not the intention."

I don't think pre-planned military strikes can ever really be described as not intended. When you knock something over and smash it, you might say "sorry, I didn't do it on purpose". When you launch a missile at a country with the intention of destroying either its nuclear programme or with killing someone, that excuse doesn't really cut the ice. Perhaps Martin Kettle would now still like to tell us that Jack Straw wasn't moved from his position as foreign secretary because he was dead-set against any military attack, honest guv.

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to see more about Becketts views on the 'War on Terror', check out theyworkforyou.com. It is quite enlightening to compare her record on ID cards and the 'war on terror' with Jack Straw. She is very supportive of the government's anti-terror legislation compared to Straw. I suspect she takes a rather tough line on this, like the Americans. Consequently, I think she probably holds a similar view on Iran, ie they are state sponsors of terrorism and therefore must be dealt with severely.

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