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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Front page-watch: We're all going to die!

Another day, another despicable Sun front page.

Don't let the fact the prosecution in the case against 7 men accused of plotting bomb attacks was just making its opening statement in a trial which may well last six months, this was defintely a plot which was going to personally kill YOU. The defence has not even had a chance to speak yet, but the Sun seems to believe that these men are obviously guilty. Perhaps Rebekah Wade should be reminded of the contempt of court laws, especially seeing as the Sunday Mirror only a few years ago published an article which led to the collapse of the trial of two Leeds United footballers. Also of note is, as usual, that the Sun gets ever closer to being a parody of itself:

On to the Daily Mail, which has a slightly less hysterical take on the same story:

To the side of that, we have a very important story about the death of model Sally Anne Bowman, which of course cannot be reported without using one of the photos from her portfolio. Dead pretty girl = more sales for sure! We're all going to die, but we can rest assured when we arrive in hell that we'll have the company of gorgeous pouting murdered teenagers.

To the Sexpress then, which accuses Camilla of stealing Diana's previous style. Except that, err, she was visiting a mosque. I doubt it would have been looked kindly on if she hadn't covered her hair, so what else was she supposed to do? The Express's fanatical obsession with the dead princess gets stronger by the day.

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