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Thursday, February 02, 2006 


The Sun seems to have got very excited over same-sex relationships all of a sudden. First two page-3 girls became lovers (along with hot and steamy tales of them having sex) then they "expose" Simon Hughes for being bi-sexual, and now they've discovered that a lesbian couple in the army have "wed" i.e. gone for a civil partnership.

Despite the fact that the Sun is only a month late (when the fact that gay couples could get their relationship recognised by the law was actually news) its "news" story about the happy couple is very much different to the sneering and homophobia-tinged articles about Simon Hughes - limp dems, biting pillows, hanging around toilets, etc.

Could it possibly be that the Sun only approves of homosexuality when it's conducted by gorgeous pouting women, providing ample fantasies for its male readership? No, that would just be silly.

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