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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

Front page-watch: Moss dross and reverse ferrets.

And it's another day of ridiculous overblown and hypocritical front pages from the Street of Shame.

The Express was one of the most gung-ho about the war and after its swift conclusion said that Blair had been absolutely right. How times change. While the Mail was more sniffy about the whole adventure, it didn't withhold its support either, especially seeing as the Tories were just as enthusiastic (in some cases more so) than Labour in bombing Iraq better. Nevermind though, four inquiries and a hundred deaths later and the middle-class tabloids finally get it. Congratulations on being three years too late.

On to slightly more tabloid lines (geddit?!?!??!?!) with yet another return to the drudgery of Kate Moss, who's finally returned to the country to be questioned by police about using a class a substance. It's obviously big news, and hasn't been covered to death over the last six months.

They also both cover the 100 dead in Iraq, in different ways. The Mirror was very much against the war under the previous editorship of Piers "Morgan" Moron and still is, while the Sun along with every other Murdoch owned newspaper supported the war. So, to the Sun the 100 are of course, heroes. I wonder if Rebekah Wade and Murdoch himself think the same of all the innocent Iraqis killed as a result of our actions?

Honourable mention in the Moss dross stakes also goes to the Grauniad, which has a small piece on the front page about it. I wished instead of her shooting up that someone would shoot her up.

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