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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Express-watch: Crusade against death tax!

The Daily Express isn't noted for its sensible careful intellectual thought process. That's probably the reason why it still thinks Princess Diana was murdered. It therefore comes as no surprise to discover on today's front page that the Sexpress has started a "crusade" against inheritance tax, or as right wingers prefer to call it, the death tax.

You'd think the obvious thing to do if inheritance tax is hitting the poor and hard-working would be to raise the threshold on the amount of income on which it is triggered. No, that would be far too obvious or sane. Instead, it needs to be abolished. It makes you wonder if in fact Dirty Desmond is making plans for his retirement and has realised that as he paid himself £52 million last year, that if he dies that's going to make a severe dent in his son's bank account. Either that, or he's thinking about the poor models that he employs on his range of high-quality soft porn channels. No, somehow that doesn't seem as likely.

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