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Monday, January 09, 2006 

A million little lies.

Around two years ago, on a whim after seeing an advert on the back of the Grauniad Guide, I bought a Million Little Pieces by James Frey. A heartbreaking, no holds barred memoir of his recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, it was easily one of the best and most memorable books I had read in a while. Since then it has become hugely popular in America, mainly thanks to Oprah Winfrey giving it her seal of approval on her chat show. As a result, Frey has been raking in the cash, and has since written a sequel.

That all may now be about to come crashing down. The Smoking Gun has written an in-depth, devastating expose on many of the main parts of his narrative and story. It also claims that he originally pitched the book as fiction, and that it was rejected numerous times before one publisher told him to rewrite major parts of it as fact, and embellish any truth that was originally there. He is now predictably consulting his lawyers.

It doesn't really alter my perception of the book. It's a fine piece of writing, fiction or non-fiction. It's a shame that another person who claimed to have answers, and who has also seemingly inspired many, is just another fraud.

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