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Wednesday, October 05, 2005 

Former UDA leader murdered.

Detectives investigating the murder of former loyalist leader Jim Gray have arrested six people, police have said.

Detective Superintendent George Hamilton said the arrests followed a number of searches.

He said that the involvement of the Ulster Defence Association was a "major line of inquiry" in the investigation.

Gray, 47, the flamboyant former leader of the UDA in east Belfast, was shot outside his father's house on the Clarawood estate in the city.

Gray was expelled from the illegal organisation last March.

He was recently released on bail on charges of money laundering, and was living at his father's home in Knockwood Park while awaiting his court appearance.

He was shot behind a car parked outside the house on Tuesday night at about 2000 BST.

DS Hamilton said Gray had been warned that he was under threat since his release on bail.

Yeah, another man murdered in the loyalist feud which has been consuming Belfast for at least 2 months now. Again, expect mostly a silence from the Unionist leadership on the problems within its own community, while they'll still be happy to condemn the IRA for a "cover-up" over their arms decommisioning.

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