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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 

Sun-watch: allegations of celebrity worship.

I'll admit, today isn't the biggest news day ever. Yesterday though had talks on Turkey being admitted to the EU and a nurse winning the right to a breast cancer treatment costing £20,000 a year on the NHS. It was also the start of the Conservative party conference, which this year is little more than an excuse to tell each other how crap they are while deciding who to pick to lead them to defeat at the next general election. Overseas George Bush picked a personal aide who has never been a judge as his pick to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. This is not to forget the continuing anguish and searching for those responsible for the bombings in Bali.

So, out of all those stories, what did the leading tabloid newspaper in this country decide to have as its front page?

Yep, that's right. It chose to have Jade Goody, a contestant from the third series of Big Brother who didn't even win, being falsely arrested for shoplifting from a supermarket. I'm assuming that was an earlier edition front page though once it realised that Jade was in the clear, as the front page on their site is the below:

Yep, instead of Jade they then decided to go with George Best, a permanently drunk idiot ex-footballer who has once again been admitted to hospital. A great replacement.

The stupidity isn't confined to the front pages though; the Sun appears to be supporting Liam Fox as the Tory party leader, the one furthest to the right who seems to want to follow neo-conservative ideology to the letter. Whether this is a ploy by Murdoch to support the most unelectable candidate so that his pal Tony can step down as prime minister on a high note isn't known.

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