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Tuesday, July 26, 2005 

Brian Haw - hero.

Brian Haw is an unemployed man who sleeps rough every night. You'd probably think he was a drug addict, or an alcoholic if you didn't know anything else about him. The difference is that every night he sleeps in parliament square in the heart of London, where he's been holding a peace vigil since 2001. The Labour party and other MPs view Brian as such an annoyance (he tends to shout through a megaphone when they're in session) and "security risk" that they almost certainly made a special part of the new Serious and Organised Crime Bill especially to deal with him. Unfortunately for them, they drafted this new section of the act rather carelessly, meaning that it does not apply to demonstrations already in effect in Whitehall and the surrounding area. Brian today successfully won the right to challenge the law, and its attack on peaceful protest in the heart of our democracy. Brian, I salute you. He's already survived being arrested and having his display dismantled. He won a case against Westminster council that he was an obstruction. Here's to hoping that he wins this case as well.
An article in the day in the life of Brian (from 2002) is here.

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hero more like terrorist that is some shady activity if you ask me!!!


shit you have a point. guess we'd better shoot him 7 times in the head and once in the back just to make sure.

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